Rewind to the Future

Benchmarking technology (2011-present)

The Titan SR9 Series was launched at the end of 2011 with a Dual Turret (DT) model followed by the SR9-DS (Duplex Shaft) model during 2012. These models of the latest generation Titan SR Series can process flexible materials at up to 1,000m/min (3,300ft/min) and feature some ground breaking technologies making them the highest performing slitting solutions currently available.


Through increased automation, machine stop-time is reduced to a minimum of only 30 seconds between reel sets. Also, a unique Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section provides a constant, short distance between the knives and rewind shafts, producing the highest quality rewind reel profile possible for slit widths from 20 to 1100mm, setting a new benchmark in slitting/rewinding productivity.


See here for more information on the Titan SR9 Series.