Rewind to the Future

Global brand recognition (2004-2007)

Drupa is the world's biggest printing exhibition held once every 4 years in Düsseldorf, Germany and 2004 was the perfect timing to introduce the more technologically advanced SR8 machine as one of 12 'world premiere' Bobst Group products showcased at the event.


Metso Corporation had previously sold its converting operations to Bobst Group of Switzerland at the beginning of that year and all production of Titan slitter rewinders was transferred to the Atlas production facility in Kempston, Bedford.

The Titan SR8 slitter rewinder was another huge success for the company and over a period of 7 years in an increasingly competitive market, 218 of the SR8 machines were sold across the globe to a wide spectrum of converters covering a diverse range of flexible packaging materials.

It was designed in a modular format so all of the variations could be used with one main rewind section and the entry level machine could be up-graded at a later date. Improvements in specification included a braked, shaft-less integral unwind of up to 1000mm diameter or a free- standing driven unwind up to 1300mm diameter. Manual knife positioning could be upgraded to a fully automatic male and female knife positioning system. Rewind diameter could be increased from 610mm (24") to 800mm (32") and also the rewind drive could have either single or twin motors. The Titan SR8 drive cabinet was built into the main rewind section of the machine to enable quicker installation.