Rewind to the Future

Product development (1975-1980)

By the mid-1970s sales of the Titan SR3 slitter were rapidly gathering momentum – a total of 133 machines were installed in many countries. The SR4 eventually replaced the SR3R and it was modified in order to lower the main pull and nip rolls.

sr5 CoverSR4


At the same time, the SR5 was being developed which had a larger unwind diameter (up to 1200mm / 48") and a rewind diameter of 610mm (24"). With a twin motor rewind and a main drive motor the machine speed was increased from 300m/min (1,000ft/min) for the SR2 and SR3 models to 450m/min (1,476ft/min.)

In a period of no more than 10 years, the Titan name had become established as a successful twin-shaft cantilever slitter rewinder and had been exported and installed in many countries around the world. Its success was in part linked to the development of extruded plastic film, used for flexible packaging materials which expanded rapidly worldwide during the 1970s and 80s.


However, it was not until the Titan SR5 was introduced in 1980 that Titan became a major supplier of slitting & rewinding solutions for a wide range of flexible materials, competing fiercely with other leading manufacturers based in North America and in Europe. Only 18 SR4 slitters were sold compared to 309 of the Titan SR5 model.