Rewind to the Future

Success leads to acquisition (1981-1989)

This success did not escape the attention of Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd., which started business in 1976 in Kempston, Bedford under the leadership of Chris Rogers and a team of colleagues, designing and building wide width primary slitter rewinders for plastic film under the Atlas brand name.

Stortford Stortford

Atlas itself had very successful beginnings and within 5 years of becoming established as an important supplier of slitter rewinders for paper, magnetic tapes, labelstock and plastic films, it acquired the intellectual property for Titan slitter rewinders from Pershke Price Service Organisation Ltd. in 1981. In so doing it founded Titan Converting Equipment Ltd. as a subsidiary company in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, approx. 60km north of London.

The Queen's Award for Exports

Sales of the Titan SR5 slitter were so successful that the company applied for and won the prestigious Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1985 and later had to re-locate to larger premises in Stevenage (Herts.) in 1988 to increase its production space.

Queens Award Stevenage

Titan's slitting & rewinding technology continued to develop over the years and 10 years after the SR5 was introduced it was succeeded in 1990 by the Titan SR6 duplex slitter, the most successful Titan model ever.