Rewind to the Future

Tales of the unexpected!

Naturally, during Titan's 50 year history there have been some extraordinary anecdotes to record. Many years ago, one Titan slitter was being shipped to a customer in India and in very adverse weather and sea conditions, the machine in its container was thrown from the top level of the ship in to the Indian Ocean never to be recovered. More recently, following a severe earthquake in Turkey, a Titan SR8 was abandoned still running whilst the converter's factory was reduced to rubble around it – an extreme example of just how robust Titan engineering is!

For sure it has been a long and winding road of success in Titan's 50 year history but the company continues to invest in extensive research & development to remain at the forefront of technology in the slitting & rewnding business arena to better serve its customers. High quality, reliability and optimum levels of productivity being the keystones in what is hoped will be a further 50 years of success.

Earthquake Ship wreck