Rewind to the Future

The Titan SR6 breaks all the records (1990-2000)

The SR6 was a much more versatile slitter rewinder. The unwind could be shafted or shaft-less from 1000mm to 1500mm roll diameter with driven and braked options. Twin rewind motors with gearboxes were used to enable a wide range of rewind diameters to be achieved - 610/610mm, 1000/610mm and 800/800mm diameters. The drive system was designed to enable all the variations. A further 10 years of success and 570 of the SR6 model sold consolidated Titan as a key player in the converting industry worldwide.

SR6 Biggleswade


In 1997, Titan Converting Equipment Ltd. re-located to Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, to a purpose built and much larger production facility on a green field site and closer to its parent company, Atlas. Later that year, the Atlas Group of Companies was acquired by Valmet Corporation of Finland which became Metso Corporation in 1999 following its merger with Rauma, another Finnish group.

The SR Series marches on (2000 – 2003)

In the year of the new millennium, the Titan SR7 duplex slitter was launched at the Drupa 2000 exhibition in Germany. The unwind had the same variations as the SR6 but the SR7 had automatic male and female knife positioning and automatic rewind reel unloading. The machine speed was increased to 600m/min (2,00ft/min.) but unlike the SR6, it had belt-driven twin motor rewind drives.

Sales of this latest slitter model in the Series continued to flow and in total 164 of the Titan SR7 were sold. However, it was succeeded 4 years later by the Titan SR8.