Rewind to the Future

Atlas CW1040 Series Primary Slitter Rewinder

The Atlas CW1040 Series of primary slitter rewinders is part of a new technology platform which delivers higher efficiency, more productivity, higher quality rewind reels, reduced noise levels and more effective operator control systems.

The CW1040 is available in web widths from 8000mm to 10,600mm (315 - 417in) with an improved web path configuration. The electrical control cabinets are air-conditioned and fully integrated in to the unwind section which reduces the space required for installation, with 'under floor' service channels no longer required.

One fully integrated HMI master control screen is mounted on the machine guard and simplifies operation with seven slave screens positioned around the machine for operator interface.

In addition, high efficiency motors, improved hydraulics and a reduction in electrical wiring make the new CW1040 Series a more environmentally friendly slitting & rewinding solution.

Standard Features

  • Automatic wireless rewind arm positioning system
  • Individual direct acting contact rolls
  • Linear spreader roller for precise web tension
  • High efficiency hydraulic system
  • Running speed up to 1200 m/min. (4,000 ft/min)
  • Widths from 8000 to 9100mm (315 - 358in)
  • Slitting in groove to a minimum width of 300mm (12in)
  • Automatic knife positioning system
  • Single-sided web threading system
  • External edge trim winders
  • Integrated fault diagnostics with remote internet access
  • Rewind static control system
  • Driven rollers

Optional Features

  • Choice of narrow & heavy-duty rewind arms
  • Web width of 10,600mm (417in)
  • Running speed up to 1500 m/min. (4920 ft/min)
  • Dual-sided web threading system
  • Additional unwind static control bars
  • Minimum slit width of 200mm (8in)
  • Unwind & rewind section safety scanners
  • Splice table

Machine Specification

Technical Data

Web Width

from 8000mm (315in) to 9100mm (358in)
10,600mm (417in)

Maximum Unwind Diameter

1500mm (59in)

Maximum Rewind Diameter

1200mm (47in)
1500mm (59in)

Maximum Production Speed


1200m/min. (3940ft/min)
1500m/min. (4920ft/min)

Minimum Slit Width

300mm (12in)
200mm (8in)

Maximum Slit Width

4200mm (165in)


Plastic Films

BOPP, BOPET & synthetic paper from 8 - 200 micron

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