Rewind to the Future

Titan RR165 Shaftless Inspection Rewinder


The Titan RR165 is the ultimate high performance inspection machine. With a capacity to process large diameter rolls of wide web material at high speed, the Titan RR165 offers you the highest productivity benefits. Aside from its performance the Titan RR165 also offers an extremely high level of integration such as auto defect detection, web-splicing and laser perforation options whilst incorporating 100% inspection.

In order to ease the loading and unloading of large reels, the Titan RR165 includes hydraulic, “pick up from floor” on both unwind and rewind sections.

With two BST optical line web guide heads you can inspect your web in either direction as both unwind and rewind sections are integrated into the machine.

The overhead bridge type structure incorporates both unwind and rewind stations on either side leaving plenty of space for incorporating additional process to deliver higher quality and productivity.

Titan RR165 Options include:

• Second Splice table with two pneumatic splice bars

• Scrap winder • Electric pick up from floor

• Auto stop defect detection Camera including software and integration

• Shear or Razor edge trim removal

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