A.J. Plast and Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. help flood victims in Thailand

The teaching staff & students at Phrao Ngai school are presented with the BHT 100,000 donation from A.J. Plast & Atlas UK

Monday, 23rd January 2012

A.J. Plast Public Co. Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand and Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. have together donated necessities valued at 100,000 Thai Baht (approx. GBP £2,000 / USD $3,000) to help students affected by the recent floods and to support disaster recovery at the Phrao Ngai School in Nonthaburi province, in the Bangkok suburbs, on 5th January, 2012.

Phrao Ngai School with its 200 students and the surrounding community had been severely affected by flooding and underwater for two months at the end of last year. School buildings, infrastructure and students' houses were destroyed, including the library, canteen and classrooms. Furniture, books, stationery and learning equipment were also damaged.

In addition and because parents' workplaces were also flood-damaged, many people could not work for up to 2 months, which dramatically reduced household incomes and their ability to purchase student uniforms, books, stationery and many other educational materials.

The donation from A.J. Plast and Atlas has helped to provide the students with 200 uniforms, 100 books, 8 bookshelves, stationery, sports equipment for football, basketball, etc. and snack foods.

Both the students and teachers are very grateful for the donation which has helped their rehabilitation. Some of the students cried when saying thank you to representatives of the two companies.

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