Rewind to the Future

Atlas & Titan provide world leading slitter rewinder technology for the global converting industry.

ATLAS was the first company to design and successfully commission primary film slitters at 10 metres wide, running at up to 1500 metres per minute (m/min) with precise control of web & winding tension. There are more than 250 Atlas film slitters in production worldwide exceeding 6 metres in width. In recent years, Atlas has increased sales of primary & secondary slitter rewinders for BOPET and other types of film.

Atlas is also world leader in technically advanced 2 metre wide slitter rewinders for high volume production of all types of labelstock, including filmic/synthetic materials. There are more 2 metre wide Atlas slitter rewinders in the global labelstock industry than from any other manufacturer.

The next generation Atlas CW Series technology platform of more compact slitting & rewinding solutions was launched in 2012 in web widths from 2.5 to 10.4 metres (100 to 410 ins). The CW3600 and CW1040 Series both deliver higher efficiency and productivity, higher quality rewind reels, reduced noise levels and more effective operator control systems.

TITAN provides secondary slitter rewinders for a wide range of flexible materials including plastic film, labelstock, laminates & paper. The new generation Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinders bring unsurpassed levels of slitting productivity, modularity and rewind reel quality. New features include reduced power consumption, no hydraulics, all electric unwind and overhead web path for a cleaner environment.

The ER610 is a compact, cantilever slitter with a running speed of 450 m/min (1500 ft/min) and an option for slit widths as narrow as 35 mm (1.37 ins). Its increasing success is reflected in over 100 installations globally.

Atlas & Titan can also provide fully automated, integrated roll handling systems to meet specific production requirements.