Annual Service Contracts

Annual Service Contracts (ASC) are the effective solution for resolving:

  • Lost production
  • Inconsistent rewind reel quality
  • Random breakdowns
  • High maintenance costs

The benefits of an ASC are:

  • Increased production time
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced service costs
  • Priority call-out
  • Out of hours telephone support
  • Designed to meet specific requirements

The ASC is intended to be an integral part of a preventative maintenance programme, designed to keep a slitter rewinder running efficiently throughout the year.

The contract provides for planned interventions by experienced, professional engineers to suit specific requirements.

Customers have confirmed that the ASC contributes significantly to slitter rewinder reliability and the reduction of costly machine downtime.

Customers understand that slitter rewinders are unique pieces of equipment and require specialist skills to maintain them at peak performance. Engineers perform specialist maintenance tasks on a regular basis around the world.

The contract provides priority call-out if a problem is encountered and offers a new level of confidence during slitter rewinder ownership, especially as today's business environment demands maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

Annual Service Contract Request Form