Improving quality & productivity

Atlas is pleased to provide its customers with a dedicated service for upgrading the specification of older slitter rewinders to help increase productivity, reduce waste and improve the quality of the finished reels processed. All of which should help to improve the profitability of converters’ business operations.

Improved web tension control, replacement of obsolete components and retro-fitting the latest computer hardware & software systems are just some examples of how Atlas & Titan can support the future business of its customers.

Other examples of cost-effective upgrades and retrofit solutions for Atlas and Titan slitter rewinders are as follows:-


Machine Controls
Rewind Arms
Rewind Arm & Knife Positioning Systems
Replacement Drives
Contact Rolls
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Upgrades


Control Desk Upgrades
Differential Quick Shafts
Laser Core Positioning
Slitting & Knife Systems
Reel Handling Systems
Rewind Shaft Unloading Systems