Contact Rolls

Atlas contact rolls


  • Improves winding quality ​
  • Reduces damage to contact roll​
  • Up to 10% production & energy saving​
  • Less maintenance

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to replace the contact roll through shaft and bearing assembly with the self-aligning ‘cotton reel’ design bearing assembly, which also removes the requirement for torque shafts. The existing shafts, bearing housings and bearings will be removed and the stub shaft self-aligning ‘cotton reel’ bearing assembly will be fitted in its place. This is illustrated in the attached photograph and drawings below. In addition, the roll clamp assembly at the top of the contact roll arm will also be changed to suit the new bearing assembly. The pivot clamp, shaft clamp, anchor nut and stud will be replaced with new parts.

Scope of Supply

This upgrade is to improve rewind reel quality with the inclusion of the self-aligning bearing, when compared to the original ridged clamped design.

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