Machine Controls

Machine Controls


  • Easy maintenance
  • Improves set-up flexibility​
  • Enhances control functions​
  • Production improvements up to 10%​
  • Touch screen interface​
  • Replaces obsolete hardware​
  • Saving more than 15% on maintenance

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to replace obsolete control systems on the slitter and supply new winding software. The upgrade comes in many forms depending on the machine to be upgraded. The standard control platform is a windows PC and Siemens S7-300 PLC processor.

The options available include upgrading the PC to a more up to date operating system, eg WES (win embedded systems), or win XP for systems that still rely on the serial positioning systems. The S5 PLC systems are removed along with the QNX PC systems. The S5 rack is replaced with an I/O system - usually Siemens S7-ET200S - and the new S7-300 processor mounts into the desk connected to the I/O via a Profibus system.

The PC and PLC are connected by a robust Ethernet system. The QNX product data files (PDF’s) are translated and transferred to the new systems. This ensures that the current machine settings are preserved which reduces the commissioning time. The PDF’s will still need slight adjustments to bring them into line with the new control systems. The obsolete parts can be disposed of. 

Scope of Supply

This upgrade is to supply PLC, PC and software to suit the recipient machine.  Depending on the option taken, the supply may include remote I/O, data interfacing for production data systems, remote diagnostic interfaces and integration on drives and positioning systems.  The basic option for the scope of supply will be control systems hardware, software and interface to standard the Atlas Windows platform control PC. A complete plan will be provided prior to installation.

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