Pneumatic & Hydraulic Upgrades

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Upgrades


  • Improves winding quality​
  • Less air leaks & waste​
  • Improves diagnostics​
  • Reduces air supply cost​
  • Standard parts​
  • Easy maintenance 

Technical Overview

The pneumatic upgrade is to replace the contact cylinder pneumatic manifold services. The existing internal and external pneumatic service beams will be removed and replaced with a new design of pneumatic manifold service beam. Some of the internal pipe connection system will be retained to connect to the new assembly. The existing rubber connection hoses and couplings will be removed. They will be replaced with an expandable triple curly pipe assembly which is permanently connected to each arm and the service beam.

The hydraulic upgrade is to replace the obsolete hydraulic proportional valve and rack mounted electronic control cards with the latest design of proportional valve with on-board electronic controls.

Scope of Supply

The pneumatic upgrade is to provide relevant sets of the above parts for each pair of contact roll arm assemblies.  A new pneumatic manifold service beam will also be supplied which will be fitted centrally in the slitter section on top of the main torque beam.

The hydraulic upgrade is to supply two sets of the above parts to improve the rewind reel tracking control by replacing the obsolete parts. This new valve will be fitted directly in place of the original valve on the manifold block.  In some cases, the guards around this assembly will require modification and details will be provided.

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