Replacement Drives

Atlas replacement drives


  • Improves reliability​
  • Reduces machine down-time​
  • Less maintenance​
  • Standard Atlas developed drives​
  • Compatible with existing motors​
  • Replaces obsolete drives​
  • DC or AC drives available​
  • 10% saving in power consumption

Technical Overview

Siemens master drives have now become obsolete, with limited support for these devices. The main purpose of this upgrade is to replace obsolete equipment and to keep the machine in a serviceable condition. The Sinamics drive system replaces the drives on the Atlas slitter rewinder. These new units are smaller than their predecessor with less space required in the existing cabinets. They are also more efficient which reduces operating costs. The power supply unit uses the latest technology and provides energy savings. Depending on the options and the number of drives required, this will determine the size of the power unit. The existing AC motors can be re-used to reduce costs with conversion units for the resolver feedback.

Scope of Supply

The drives are sized for the application on the recipient machine. The drives are mounted on to panels prior to shipment to reduce the machine downtime during installation. The adaptor units for the resolvers on the motors are included. Interconnection cables are also included in the scope of supply. The units are commissioned and tested on site.

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