Rewind Arm & Knife Positioning Systems

Rewind Arm & Knife Positioning Systems


  • Ease of operator use​
  • Large PDF storage​
  • Clear diagnostics​
  • Replacement of obsolete components​
  • Up to 25% production improvement

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to replace the rewind arm positioning motors, knife positioning motors and to modify the control architecture to give a more robust positioning system. This consists of a new motor drive assembly that is fitted in place of the existing positioning motor. The cabling between the new motor cables will be replaced by a pre-manufactured cable loom.  

The controllers (M258 Télémechanique) will be mounted in the desk. The communications to the M258 will be via an Ethernet connection. New communication cables will be fitted to the first node, removing all existing connectors in this existing line.  New power supplies will be installed in the panels to supply the new motors. Control equipment to protect the new components will be provided for. The obsolete parts can be disposed of.  

Scope of Supply

This upgrade is to supply relevant sets of the above parts for each positioning upgrade to improve the positioning reliability and to remove obsolescence.
Supply control systems hardware, software and integration in to a standard Atlas Windows platform control PC. 

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