Rewind Arms

Rewind Arms


  • Improves rewinding quality​
  • Increases productivity​
  • Higher production capacity​
  • Larger rewind reel diameters​
  • Increases loading capacity​
  • DC or AC drives available​
  • 10% saving in power consumption

Technical Overview

As production requirements have increased over the years, finished rolls are increasing in size. The larger rolls reduce the stop time for the slitter and the next process which increases production output. It is now possible to increase the winding diameter of rolls on the rewind arms on most Atlas machines. With the increase in roll diameter, there is an increased weight capacity up to 5,000kg.

The rewind arms are the combination type of arm which enables winding on the outside of the arm using 152mm cores and on the inside using 76mm cores. This allows winding up to 1300mm diameter on the outside of the arm (depending on the machine type). Some modifications may be required to the hydraulic systems to accommodate the increase in weight.

The combination arms will fit on a new base and will be strategically placed on the rewind beam to suit slit pattern requirements. In most applications, once the arms are fitted there is no need to remove them to change slit patterns. The combination arms have the same centres which enable the existing rewind arms to couple to increase the torque available.  

Scope of Supply

The combination rewind arm will be placed on the rewind beam using customer data to cover as many permutations of slit patterns as possible. This will be done on a rewind beam drawing created by Atlas engineers. The arms will have new bases which will be designed to fit on the existing rails and will use the existing positioning hardware as fitted to the existing bases. The existing drives will be re-used whether AC or DC control.  As an option, the existing rewind motors can be re-used on the new combination arms, or new units can be supplied. The pairs of arms that are replaced with combination arms will be spare units for the recipient machine.

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