Control Desk Upgrades

Control Desk Upgrades


  • Recipe & product data file storage
  • Consistent & improved winding control ​
  • Reduced maintenance​
  • Improved diagnostics​
  • Prolongs operating life of machine​
  • Replaces obsolete control system​
  • Simple operation & easy maintenance​
  • Increases productivity by up to 10%

Technical Overview

All control systems have a finite life and as technology advances older equipment becomes obsolete. This upgrade is to remove obsolete components which have an impact on productivity.  There are various levels of controls upgrades for Titan slitter rewinders. These range from PLC / PC upgrades to complete desk replacements. The PLC / PC upgrade utilises the existing desk hardware (contactors, relays, desk shell, etc.).  However, a complete desk upgrade includes PLC / PC, control gear and relays, an AC motor and drives. AC drives are an option on either type of upgrade.

The software in the new control system employs the latest winding technology and has all the latest web control features used on the very latest machines. Most of the machine functions are built into touch-screen technology, reducing the amount of wiring.  Product data file (PDF’s) storage is available on all systems, providing ease of use for the operator.

This upgrade is suitable for the Titan SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8 and ER610 models.

Scope of Supply

Depending on the options, all hardware will be supplied with the complete equipment ready to install. This will include integration engineering, software engineering, installation and commissioning. Full training will be given after commissioning.

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