Differential Quick Shafts

Titan Differential Quick Shafts


  • Even tension control across shaft​
  • Quicker & easier job set-ups​
  • Increased productivity ​
  • Reduced core dust & core distortion​
  • Faster reel removal and core loading​
  • Only 15 min per week maintenance​
  • Increases production by up to 30%

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to replace the rewind shafts on the Titan SR range of slitter rewinders. These shafts normally replace quick locks. The new system supplies control air in the centre of the rewind shafts. This air is used to control the friction elements via bladders. As the air pressure is applied to the inside surface of each individual ball lock unit, the torque transfer to the package is uniform across the web. This ensures the tension transfer to the reels is also uniform in each reel on the rewind shafts. The air pressure to each of the rewind shafts is supplied via an E to P transducer. It is important that the E/P’s on the recipient shaft are in good working order and if not, should be replaced with the upgrade. The ball locks are available in standard nominal sizes of 70mm, 76mm, 100mm and 152 mm.  Special sizes are available if required. If 70mm ball locks are used, 55mm rewind shafts are then required.

This upgrade is suitable for the Titan SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8 and ER610 models.

Scope of Supply

This upgrade is to supply two 60mm rewind shafts (55mm for 70mm ball locks), to suit required core size, bearings and pneumatic connections. 

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