Laser Core Positioning Systems

Laser Core Positioning Systems


  • Reduced downtime & maintenance​
  • Improved reel alignment ​
  • Consistently higher quality rewind reels​
  • Laser line of less than 1mm​
  • Minimum slit width 40mm​
  • Simple push-button operation​
  • Laser on for pre-set time​
  • Safe Class 2 laser to EN 60825-1​
  • Increases production by up to 10%

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to increase productivity on the Titan SR range of slitter rewinders by reducing the re-coring time by the machine operator. The laser core alignment system is mounted above the rewind shafts on a modular bar. The bar has buss rails for the power supply to enable a wireless system, reducing the need for hang cables which can be a safety hazard. The lasers emit a line which is projected on to the rewind shaft at the point where the core is to be placed.

On the first set-up, the operator manually moves the laser head in to position where the first and subsequent cores are to be placed. The heads use a spring loaded friction system which enables the unit to slide into place and automatically hold position without any operator tools.  The laser is turned on via an operator push button. To increase the life of the lasers, the units are turned off automatically after a pre-set time. The cores can be placed to within 0.5mm accuracy.

This upgrade is suitable for the Titan SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8 and ER610 models.

Scope of Supply

This upgrade is to supply an overhead laser mounting beam, two mounting brackets, control station and the required number of laser heads. 

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