Rewind Shaft Unloading Systems

Rewind Shaft Unloading Systems


  • Cost-efficient unloading  ​
  • Reduces risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)​
  • Suitable for 70 – 152mm diameter rewind cores​
  • Local operator controls​
  • Unload cycle time within 20 seconds, plus re-coring​
  • Automatic core unlocking (Quick Shaft)​
  • Increases productivity by up to 20%

Technical Overview

This upgrade is to improve productivity of the slitter rewinder and to reduce the work load of the machine operator. For most of the older Titan slitter rewinder models, the unloading system is mounted above the rewind section, but mounted below the rewind shafts on the SR8 and SR9 models.

The unit has its own control system with operator controls to activate the pusher. The operation has safety interlocks and a two-handed operation to ensure the safety of the operator.  The pushers have a usable pushing capacity of 750kg and can accommodate the most challenging applications.  The pushers also initiate the reversal of the rewind shafts in a slow rotation to unlock the differential ball locks. This reduces the loading on the ball locks helping to prolong their life. The pushers will work with any size of ball lock unit.  The pushers also have the facility to add the manual core position lasers, if required. The lasers are mounted to the front of the pusher assembly.

This upgrade is suitable for the Titan SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8 and ER610 models.

Scope of Supply

This upgrade will supply the reel pushing system relevant to the type of machine. The control station and interlocks to the existing machine are also included.

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