Slitting & Knife Systems

Slitting & Knife Systems


  • Improves slitting quality & knife life​
  • Correct blade for application​
  • Narrow slit patterns​
  • Adaptable holders​
  • Increases production by up to 15%​
  • Reduces waste by up to 15%

Technical Overview

The knives are a very important aspect of the slitting process and using the correct cutting method is also very important. There are a number of slitting methods available and the correct method will depend on the type of material, slitting quality required, speed of change-over, etc.  The Titan SR range of slitter rewinders can accommodate a various slitting methods including shear, razor, rotary razor (burst) and crush cut.

Some of the older Titan machines were designed with rotary knife bars. This method is probably the best with respect to slitting quality, but it is very slow to set-up at changeover. This system can be modified to include individual shear knives which are easy for the operator to set up, making the machine more productive. Female air knife shafts are available to reduce the set-up time required, which also makes the slitter rewinder more productive.

As there are many variations of slitting types on Titan machines, there are many different upgrade permutations available.

This upgrade is suitable for the Titan SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8 and ER610 models.

Scope of Supply

Depending on the type of knives or slitting method required, any necessary furniture to equip the machine would be provided which would also include any web path rollers to suit the slitting methods. 

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