Atlas Converting Equipment Service Refurbishment Program


Rewind Arm Refurbishment

After a series of successful trials, we are pleased to release the first offering in the refurbishment series; Rewind Arm Refurbishment for the above models.

The rewind arms on any machine are a key element in the production quality of finished customer rolls.

While all Atlas rewind arms are designed to withstand day to day use and even a fair amount of abuse; they do require a reasonable level of care and maintenance.

Bearing and motor degradation in the long term can cause a deterioration in the finished roll quality, increase noise levels making it tiring to work on and near and can even cause further machine damage.

In extreme cases, operator safety and machine integrity can be compromised.

The Atlas Refurbishment Program aims to restore rewind arms to the highest level of operational capability; giving the flexibility and performance required to deliver a fault free finished product.

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The refurbishment offers a new lease of life to the rewind arm, in as new condition with the following advantages :

  • NEW Genuine Atlas OEM parts.
  • 12 months Guarantee.
  • FREE Full maintenance inspection on the whole machine.
  • FREE Installation by Atlas Technical Expert.
  • FREE Maintenance and Operator Training.
  • FREE Machine Set up to maximise output.

The approved Atlas refurbishment of the Rewind Arm will ensure:

  • Improved machine performance
  • Reduce waste and quality defects experienced on finished roll
  • Better rewind tension control
  • Significantly reduce auto losses in the rewind arm
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Consistent finished roll quality and edge alignment
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels
  • Maintains machine operational safety as when first delivered.

What to do next?

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