Atlas CW800 Series Slitter Rewinder

The Atlas CW800 is one of the most successful & versatile secondary slitter rewinders in the Atlas portfolio and has been operating in many film plants and convertors in Countries all over the world for a significant number of years.

This is an individual station centre winder that is used exclusively for converting films such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA and CPP, these films can be plain, metal coated as well as AlOx or SiOx barrier films.

When processing coated products, it is essential that that no scratching or marking of the film occurs. The control systems used in the CW800 ensure that this cannot happen and the finished quality of the rewound reels is first class and free from damage.

The tension control and the individual rewind stations ensure the rewind packages are rewound under optimum conditions.

Using the latest technology, the CW800 has a fault diagnostic system that can be supported by any of the many Atlas service technicians around the world ensuring that you get the fastest possible fault identification and minimum down time for your production.


Watch the Atlas CW800 in Action :



  • Electric arm positioning

  • Slitting in air

  • Individual contact rolls

  • Integrated fault diagnostics with remote access

  • Rewind anti-static control

  • cork covered carbon fibre web path rollers

  • Manual knife positioning



  • Slitting in groove

  • Shear slitting

  • Additional anti-static control


  • Knife digital display

  • Inspection lightbox

  • Dust extraction

  • Web inspection framework

  • Chuck extensions for Reduced minimum slit width

Technical Data


Web Width Up to 3600mm / 142"

STandard Unwind Diameter 1300mm / 51"

maximum Rewind Diameter 1200mm / 47"

Production Speed 1000m/min / 3300ft/min

Minimum Slit Width 350mm / 13.8"

Maximum Slit Width 3550mm / 140"


Web Path of Atlas CW800 :

CW800 Web Path

1 Shaftless Unwind


2 Digital Web Guidance

Precision alignment of the web entering the slitting section. An ultrasonic guider head senses web position.

3 Tension Control

The unwind tension is controlled by a dancer roll tension control system

4 Manual Knife Positioning

the slitting KNIFE holders are mounted on a linear rail and are positioned manually or with option of a digital positioner.

5 Contact Rolls

Individual contact roll arms provide more precise contact, which enables higher quality rewind reels. Contact roll parking enables reduced set-up time and increased productivity.

6 Rewind Arms

Individually driven rewind arms to control and optimise rewind tension and final reel quality.

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