ProSlitter SilverLine - Designed for pure productivity

ProSlitter CRRO SilverLine.

The new ProSlitter series consisting of BlackLine, BlueLine and SilverLine is the new standard in productive slitting of flexible films.
Best of both worlds - Succeeding the well proven Atlas CW and Kampf Unislit series, ProSlitter marks the new era of highly efficient slitting machines for commodity films.

Versatile and efficient

ProSlitter SilverLine is the efficient slitter for cast, blown and calendered primary films and the ideal secondary slitter for biax films.

Rewinding – fast and clean

Saving valuable set up time with Quick- Lock
chucking heads reducing change over time to 10

Fully electric

No hydraulics for a clean operation.

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Technical Data ProSlitter SilverLine

ProSlitter CRRO SilverLine  
Material BOPP, BOPET, BOPE, BOPA, PLA, PS, Cast, blown, calendered, metalized films, lamiantes
Material thickness 8 – 125 μm
Material width 2,500 · 3,000 · 3,500 mm
Parent roll diameter 1,300 mm (1,500 mm)
Finished roll diameter 1,200 mm
Finished roll weight 2 · 3 · 4 tons
Slitting system Razor blade cut in goove, burst in groove
Slitting width 250 to 3,500 mm
Winding cores 3" · 6"
Machine speed 1,000 m/min · 1,200 m/min

A modular system.


Flexible Films

ProSlitter SilverLine
ProSlitter BlueLine
ProSlitter BlackLine