Marketing and Technology Development Conference of BOPP, BOPA, BOPI, BOPE, BOPS Film Industry Chain 2019

BOPP Conference.JPG

Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. are excited and honoured to be involved in the presentation at Furonghui with the CPPIA and held in Fuqing, China on 18 April 2019.

We will be presenting to a knowledgeable and esteemed audience on our role in the processes of production and how our heritage and development leads to evolving productivity improvements in the Slitting and Rewinding to keep our customers at the forefront.

Presentations at the event include:

* Investigate the existing problems in the BOPP, BOPA, BOPI, BOPE, BOPS film industry chain in 2019

* Analyze the market demand for BOPP, BOPA, BOPI, BOPE, BOPS film in 2019 and its development tendency in 2019.

* R&D, supply and demand and price tendency of raw materials for BOPP, BOPA, BOPI, BOPE, BOPS film production in 2019.

* Discuss the development tendency of new types of BOPP and BOPA film.

* Exchange the experience concerning equipment maintenance and energy conservation for biaxially-oriented film production.

* Exchange the development tendency of downstream industries such as flexible packaging, adhesive products, capacitor and cigarette packaging etc,

* Sample and picture demonstration of relevant equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials for the production of biaxially-oriented film.