Titan IR135 / IR165 Compact Inspection rewinder

The Titan IR135 / IR165 are high performance fully reversible Inspection machines that can accommodate web widths of either 1350mm or 1650mm.

These high performance inspection machines feature fixed height shaftless unwind and rewind sections which use mechanical expansion chucks for use with both 76.2mm (3”) and 152.4mm (6”) card or plastic cores.

With two BST edge web guide heads you can inspect your web in either direction as both unwind and rewind sections are integrated into the main chassis.

With the capacity to accommodate rolls up to 1000mm in diameter and web widths of up to either 1350mm or 1650mm this machine can still inspect your material at operational speeds of up to 600m/min meaning this machine will improve your operational process whilst also delivering improved quality and volume of the final packages.

Titan IR135 / IR165 Options include:

• Splice table with two pneumatic splice bars

• Welding bar for splice table

• Auto stop defect detection Camera including software and integration

• Shear or Razor edge trim removal

Web Width450mm / 17.7" to 1650mm / 65"
Maximum Unwind Diameter1000mm / 39"
Maximum Rewind Diameter1000mm / 39"
Maximum Production Speed600m/min / 2000ft/min

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