Here's just a small sample of the amazing companies we work with to give them the very best solutions on slitter rewinding.

Admiral Packaging

Admiral Packaging, iNC.

Admiral Packaging Inc have invested in a new Titan SR800 to accompany their busy Titan SR9-DT in their headquarters at Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Through the implementation of LEAN manufacturing principles, Admiral Packaging has reduced its manufacturing square footage and converted the extra space to commercial offices.

Admiral Packaging offers best in class flexible packaging to its clients.

From their vertically integrated prepress department all the way through to their state of the art converting department; they ensure every project receives one hundred percent attention.

This naturally involves a proven efficient finishing and converting process.

They put to great use the Titan SR9-DT from us 3 years ago but needed an additional one to replace an aging slitter rewinder from another manufacturer, and chose Atlas Converting for the best solution for their needs.

The new Titan SR800 will not only replace the aging Slitter Rewinder, but also assists Admiral Packaging in their continued growth on achieving greatness for their customers.

Robert Hummell, Plant Manager commented, “The team at Atlas Titan were really helpful to find solutions to our ever-growing operation and have been pleased with their service and machinery, so the choice to go back with another Titan machine became a sound proposition”

Thierry Fontolliet stated, “Admiral Packaging are demonstrative of great progressive companies. We, the American People, all aspire to be like this and be part of such change and continuous improvements. We at Atlas Titan are pleased to be on this same path with our exciting and successful business partners”



ColorMasters has been a player in flexible packaging since 1986, but it wasn’t until the addition of the “MasterExtrusion” facility in 2012 that they became vertically integrated.


ColorMasters has grown from a 10,000 sqft facility with one bag machine to over a million square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.  

The team run by Gus King, Dennis Hicks and Ben Fryer have pushed the company further and further.

Gus King founded ColorMasters along with Dennis Hicks in 1986 and remains the President and Chief Executive Officer today. Originally working in sales, farming and commodities, Gus has always been driven to build something of his own.

One of Gus King’s coined lines is, “A person has to have a vision.” He has noted, “You have to have something of significance to work towards. My vision has been to build ColorMasters into a true leader in the flexible packaging industry. I wake up every day thinking about how we can improve and grow. If you are not the company working harder and smarter than the competition, providing the best product and service, there will be someone more appealing than you, who is going to work harder than you. Working hard, doing right by people and making wise decisions, more opportunities come to you. Most of the growth we’ve seen, I never would’ve dreamed of.”

Dennis Hicks is ColorMasters’ Chief Financial Officer and founding member. Dennis is responsible for the financial management of ColorMasters and in optimizing the cost structure and growth plans of the business. Prior to ColorMasters, Dennis Hicks held several positions in farming, sales and commodities. Dennis is known through the company for his hard-nosed negotiations and his love of closing a deal. Dennis has also been a driving force in the acquisition of real estate for ColorMasters’ expansion.

ColorMasters aims to become the North American leader in flexible packaging with plans for continued growth.

Ben Fryer has been the General Manager of ColorMasters since 2007. After joining ColorMasters in 2001, as an accountant, Ben quickly rose through the ranks to controller and eventually to his current role as General Manager and a driving force in ColorMasters’ growth.

Since becoming the General Manager, Ben Fryer has shown leadership and dedication in directing and preparing ColorMasters for strategic growth in key markets.  

Atlas Titan have supported this growth being attentive and accommodating in the demands and needs of the business.

The customer purchased our double turret machine to start their new bottle label packaging division.

The customer needed to find a solution to rapidly increase his slitting capacity with his General Flexible Packaging division. As he was already having good experiences with his two existing Titan SR8s, he didn’t have any doubt when acquiring the SR800 we had available for immediate delivery in our Showroom in Charlotte, NC

Delighted with his first ER610 Ben came back last year to purchase a second equipment to increase his slitting capacity for small finished roll. He confirmed that his production team likes the small footprint of the machine and how simple it is to operate the machine. He intends to purchase another one in late 2019.

After almost 18 months, the bottle label business finally started to bring good production volume and the first SR9-DT was reaching its full capacity slitting bottle label 24/7. Nevertheless, the flexo press dedicated to the bottle label division was only working 24/4. Ben needed to increase his slitting and rewinding throughput to get his press at full capacity as well. After the install of the second SR9-DT, Colormasters will have their dedicated flexo press at full capacity and will still have 20% slitting capacity available between the two DTs.

The bottle label business is growing fast. Ben ordered a second W&H flexo press for his bottle label division and therefore wants to replace the same layout (1 Flexo press and 2 DT slitters)