NEW Titan ER610-DT

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The official launch will be at the K-Show in Dusseldorf on

16-23 October 2019 

Come and see the machine in Hall 3 Stand 3B91  

The next generation Compact Turret Slitter Rewinder

From three years in research and development, with multi-million-pound investment in new parts design and processes, this new Compact Slitter Rewinder demonstrates unparalleled build standards with solid and dependable engineering from the outset. The ER610-DT project ensured unequalled combinations of operator safety, yet huge productivity improvements and reduced machine download times.

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Build Standards – Operator Safety

  • Auto Cross Cut Facility Safety for Operators (No Need for manual cutting with such implements as “handheld knives” or climbing up, into or over machine.

  • Safety Facilities Area laser scanners and guard fencing ensure complete operator safety to CE standards where required

  • Full UL and CUL Conformity on Build Standards to exceed latest requirements and CE Marking.

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Fully Integrated Symbol based Operating System

  • Repeat Job Memory for Fast Run Set Up

  • Ergonomic Screens at both front Rewind and rear Unwind

  • Intuitive Diagnostics

  • Embedded Operator Manuals and Technical Data

  • Remote Access and Technical Support via Atlas Gateway

The new control system utilizes a Flat touch screen terminal providing simple operation with the use of symbols (not language sensitive). The screen provides input for the most frequently used functions such as machine speed,

tensions ranges, lay-on pressures, length and diameters, etc. Once desired parameters are set, this information

can be saved in a 'Material file' and can be recalled at any time for fully automatic setting of the running parameters.

The operator can make a new 'Material file' for each product run and a 'Job file' for every customer which saves significant time for setting the parameters to run the machine.

Laser Core Positioning

A line-laser guided core positioning system enables the operator to reload new cores quickly and accurately minimising set-up time and re-starts due to improper alignment.

Individual laser alignments can be set as low as 25mm

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ER610-DT Dual Turret Winding Module

The machine has four rewind shafts for high productivity, each turret containing two rewind shafts. The turrets are of cantilevered design eliminating the need for CENTRE cross shafts.

The winding takes place on two rewind shafts whilst the other two shafts can be loaded with cores enabling a fast changeover on completion of winding.

The operator can set the mode either to:

Manual mode.

at the completion of the winding cycle, the machine stops, and the operator must press a button to start the splicing cycle

Automatic mode.

at the completion of the winding cycle, the machine slows down and automatically starts the splice cycle

Rewind Support And Turret Index Cycle

All Rewind Shafts Are Fully Supported During Turret Rotation (Prevents Twisting and Deflection to The Shafts)

Industry Leading Low Cycle Time with Less than 15 Seconds to Cycle Turret for Roll Replacement.

Titan ER610-DT Web Path Options


1 Unwind

Floor pick-up unwind incorporates either one or two regenerative motors for optimum unwind tension control with edge guide and optional oscillation.

2 Splice Table

An adjustable SPLICE table provides the operator with the ideal ergonomic environment for perfect splicing.

3 Combination Knife Holder               

Unique system enables simple and fast changeover of knife types using ‘knife inserts’, no need to remove heavy shafts. The female knife shaft also stays within the machine and female knives are loaded easily through convenient access on side of the machine.

4 Trim Extractor

Individually designed to wind and collect the edge trim during slitting machine processes.

5 Spreader Roll

Also known as the banana or bowed roller.     

This roller orientates and prepares the material for slitting eliminating creasing, web expansion and wrinkle removing  before reaching the knives.

6 Secondary Contact Roll

Enables the set-up time to be reduced

7 Contact Rolls

The Contact roll arms provide more precise contact, which enables higher quality rewind reels. Contact roll parking enables reduced set-up time and increased productivity.

8 Rewind Material

Titan’s differential winding system utilises ‘Ball Locks’ & provides constant tension regardless of the different widths of packages being rewound. No adjustment of the rewind shafts is required, minimising ‘downtime’ and increasing productivity.


Technical Data

WEB WIDTH 1350MM / 53" OR 1650MM / 65"






Watch the video below on the new Titan ER610-DT including information on the dual turret winding module:


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