Titan SR800 Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The Titan SR800 is a high performance, duplex slitter rewinder and designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments.

Its modular design provides an economic and simple solution for upgrading to a higher level of automation as production demands increase.

The Titan SR800 features the latest mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and computer control technology to assure converters of consistent, high quality rewind reels, with improved levels of sustainability, productivity and easy job repeatability.

Materials processed include plain, printed, coated or metallized plastic films and laminates, label materials from 10 to 200 micron and paper from 30 to 200 gsm.


Watch the Titan SR800 in Action :



  • Titan differential winding technology

  • AC digital servo drive technology

  • Digital line / edge guide system

  • Unwind "closed loop" dual brake control

  • Razor, rotary or shear slitting

  • Memory for material and job set up

  • S-Wrap centre drive (no nip)

  • CE safety fencing and laser scanner (in EU countries)

  • Range of unloading devices

  • Secure internet connection for remote diagnostics



  • Motor driven unwind

  • Positive positional device for knife positioning

  • Closed loop loadcell rewind control

  • Impression counter

  • Static eliminators

  • Gap winding control

  • Splice table

  • Automatic individual knife positioning system for male and female knives


Technical Data


Web Width 1350mm / 53" to 1650mm / 65"

Maximum Unwind Diameter 1350mm / 53"

Maximum Rewind Diameter 800mm / 31.5"

Production Speed 700m/min / 2300ft/min

Minimum Slit Width 25mm / 0.8"

Maximum Slit Width 900mm / 35.5"


Web Path of Titan SR800 :

Titan sr800 Web Path.png

1 Digital Web Guidance

Precision alignment of the web entering the slitting section. A ‘CCD’ head, ‘reads’ material edge, printed continuous or broken lines.

1 Cant Roller (Option)

To eliminate ‘baggy edges’ a fully adjustable Cant roller can be positioned on the unwind unit.

2 Splice Table (Option)

A variety of ‘splice tables’ provide the operator with the ideal environment for perfect splicing.

3 Tension & Drive Control

Latest generation AC Digital Servo motors and drives via an ‘S’ wrap roller drive, for precise web tension control. The ‘S’ wrap drive isolates the tension between unwind and rewind sections of the machine minimising fluctuations in tension.

4 Automatic Reel Stripping (Option)

A motor-driven reel stripping system automatically unlocks, and strips finished reels from rewind shafts onto an unloading boom reducing ‘downtime’.

5 Differential Rewind

Titan’s Quick Shaft differential winding system utilising ‘Ball Lock’ units provides constant tension regardless of the different widths of packages being rewound on the same shaft.

6 Laser Core Positioning (Option)

Enables the operator to reload new cores quickly and accurately minimising set-up time and eliminates re-starts due to improper alignment.

7 Combination Knife Holder

Unique system enables simple and fast changeover of knife types using ‘knife inserts’, no need to remove heavy shafts. The female knife shaft also stays within the machine.

Unloading Devices (Option)

A number of options are available depending on the size of reels and automation levels required.

EU Safety Guarding (Standard in EU)

Using a combination of laser scanners and mechanical guards, compliance with EU safety regulations is assured.

Fully Automatic Knife Positioning (Option)

Reduces set up time and enhances productivity.


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