Titan SR9-DS Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The Titan SR9-DS Duplex Slitter Rewinder is part of the Titan SR9 Series technology platform as detailed on the SR9-DT; providing converters and film producers with the ultimate flexibility in slitting and rewinding solutions.

The SR9-DS can be configured for current production requirements and through its unique modular design there is a simple and economical upgrade path to ensure future production demands can also be met.

Incorporating innovative and proven design features, the Titan SR9-DS set the new benchmark in productivity for a duplex slitter rewinder. With a production speed of up to 1000m/min (3300ft/min), a unique Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section, Rewind Clamp Cut-off (RCC) and Rewind Stick Down (RSD2) options, the SR9-DS provides slitting/rewinding production output previously unobtainable from a duplex slitter rewinder.


Watch the Titan SR9-DS in Action :


  • Servo driven unwind chucks



  • Positive knife positioning device

  • Linear tracking slitting section

  • Linear tracking contact rollers

  • Overhead web path for a cleaner environment


  • Optical roll conditioning

  • Moving splice table



  • Guider to knife positioning

  • Automatic knife positioning systems

  • Rewind clamp cut off

  • Rewind stick down

Technical Data


Web Width 1650mm / 65" & 2250mm / 88"

Maximum Unwind Diameter 1100mm / 43"

Option 1500mm / 59"

Maximum Rewind Diameter 700mm / 28"

maximum Speed 1000m/min / 3300ft/min

Minimum Slit Width 25mm / 1.97"

Maximum Slit Width 1100mm / 43"


Web Path of the Titan SR9-DS :

Titan sr9ds Web Path.png

1 Moving Splice Table (Option)

Ergonomically positioned movable splice table saves time and reduces waste. The splice table is supplied with clamps and vacuum, enabling the web to be held throughout the splicing procedure, providing a more accurate join.

2 Guider to Knife Positioning (Option)

Enables the first knife to be set from the edge guide sensor position, reducing waste pulled through the machine for alignment.

Digitally Positioned Unwind

All functions of the unwind, unwind arm positioning and edge guide control are motor driven, providing more accurate control, reduced power consumption and with no hydraulics, gives a cleaner environment.

3 Rewind Stick Down (Option)

Uses an automatic double-sided tape applicator and in conjunction with the Rewind Clamp Cut- Off, individual rewind web tails are stuck down on the finished reel and / or the cores.

4 Knife Positioning Systems

A variety of knife positioning systems, from manually positioned to semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.

5 Linear Tracking Slitter Section

Minimising the distance between the knives and the rewind shaft provides better control of the slit webs ensuring the highest side wall quality.

6 Rewind Clamp Cut-Off (Option)

This clamps the web at each rewind shaft and cross cuts all slit webs, dramatically reducing the operator time required between sets.

7 Rewind Core Positioning (Option)

Provides two options for core positioning, from simple multiple laser line positioning to semi- automatic servo core positioning.

8 Reel Stripping Device (Option)

Enables the complete set of reels to be removed from the rewind shafts at the same time.


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