Flexible Packaging

Always the right solution for flexible requirements.

When producing modern packaging solutions, the flexibility of your slitter determines the success of your production. The requirements are extremely diverse due to the wide variety of materials and composites - only one is always the same: Perfect finished rolls with maximum productivity.


TitanSlitter ER610

The TitanSlitter ER610 compact, a twin-shaft cantilever slitter rewinder, is the fruit of extensive market research and exhaustive design and development work by Atlas Converting Equipment to bring a more sustainable and cost-effective solution in slitting & rewinding technology.

TitanSlitter ER610-DT

From three years in research and development, with multi-million-pound investment in new parts design and processes, this new Compact Slitter Rewinder demonstrates unparalleled build standards with solid and dependable engineering from the outset. The TitanSlitter ER610-DT project ensured unequalled combinations of operator safety, yet huge productivity improvements and reduced machine download times.

TitanSlitter SR800

The TitanSlitter SR800 is a high performance, duplex slitter rewinder and sits in the middle of the portfolio; designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments. Its modular design provides an economic and simple solution for upgrading to a higher level of automation as production demands increase.

TitanSlitter SR9-DS

The TitanSlitter SR9-DS Duplex Slitter Rewinder is part of the next generation TitanSlitter SR9 Series technology platform, providing converters and film producers with the ultimate flexibility in slitting and rewinding solutions.

The SR9-DS can be configured for current production requirements and through its unique modular design there is a simple and economical upgrade path to ensure future production demands can also be met.

TitanSlitter SR9-DT

The TitanSlitter SR9-DT Dual Turret rewinder continues to build upon the flexible and modular design first introduced with the TitanSlitter SR8 slitter – giving converters the flexibility to build a slitter rewinder suitable for current production, but also providing a simple and economic modular path to ensure future requirements can also be met with the same machine.