TitanSlitter ER610

Compact Footprint - Flexible Operation.

Flexibility, efficiency, ease of operation in a compact one piece construction, the TitanSlitter ER610 offers a cost effective and highly versatile solution for today's market. fully electric operation, with speeds up to 550m/min and rewind diameter of 610mm, the integrated design minimises floor space at the production site and ensures rapid installation and start up. The Titan ER610 addresses the needs of converters who do not require high levels of automation.

The TitanSlitter ER610 is a high performance slitter with an innovative and more environmentally friendly design which helps to make a contribution towards the reduction of carbon emissions, this helps to protect the environment with:

  • Reduced power consumption

  • No hydraulics for oil-free, hygienic operation

  • Using un-lubricated compressed air for zero oil / air emissions

  • Less steel in a more compact design

  • One piece construction for rapid installation & start-up

  • Shipping in one 20ft container for reduced logistics


The ER610 is designed to process 1350 and 1650 mm (53 & 65 in) web widths at a maximum running speed of max. 550 m/min (1804.5 ft/min). The minimum slit width is 50 mm (1.97 in) with an option as narrow as 25mm (1") and a maximum rewind diameter of 610 mm (24 in) on twin cantilever differential rewind shafts.

The machine also features an integral edge-trim extraction system and an integral shaftless fixed-height unwind stand, with an option for jumbo roll floor ‘pick-up’ also available. The pneumatically controlled braking system provides highly accurate web tension control and a digital edge / line guide system controls lateral movement of the unwind reel to +/- 50 mm.

The TitanSlitter ER610 control system has a 10” flat touch-screen terminal, non-language symbols, compact flash memory and fault diagnostics.

Slitting systems available are shear knives, rotary razor (burst) or razor slitting in air or groove. Optional features include a static electricity control system, laser (line) core positioning, splice table, EU safety guarding, laser safety scanners and unwind roll loading trolley.

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Technical Data

Materials Films, refined Papers, laminates
Material thickness 10 - 200 µm (depending in material characteristics )
Materials widths max. 1,350mm / 1,650mm
Original roll diameter max. 1,000mm
Finished roll diameter max. 610mm
Finished roll weight depending on requriements
Slitting systems Razor blade cut / shear cut
Slitting width ≥ 25mm
Winding cores All common types
Machine speed max. 550 m/min

Watch the TitanSlitter ER610 in Action


  • Compact design

  • Reduced Power consumption

  • Electric operation (no hydraulics)

  • Manual knife & rewind arm positioning



  • Laser core positioning

  • splice table

  • Safety scanners for unwind & rewind sections

  • Roll out unloading device

Web Path of TitanSlitter ER610

1 Laser Core Positioning (Option)
A line-laser guided core positioning system enables the operator to reload new cores quickly and accurately minimising set-up time and restarts due to improper alignment.

2 Combination Knife Holder
Unique system enables simple and fast changeover of knife types using ‘knife inserts’, no need to remove heavy shafts. The female knife shaft also stays within the machine and female knives are loaded easily through convenient access on side of the machine.

3 Digital Web Guidance
Precision alignment of the web entering the slitting section. A ‘CCD’ head, ‘reads’ material edge, printed continuous or broken lines.

4 Touchscreen Control System
12” colour touch screen terminal on extended boom for use on both the unwind and rewind sides of the machine. Nonlanguage sensitive. Easy set-up with integrated fault diagnostics.

5 EU Safety Scanner (Option)
Safety area laser scanners on both the unwind and rewind sections to assure compliance with EU safety regulations.

6 Reel Stripping Device (Option)
Enables the complete set of reels to be removed from the rewind shafts at the same time.

7 Splice Table (Option)
A variety of ‘splice tables’ provide the operator with the ideal environment for perfect splicing.

8 Differential Winding
Titan’s differential winding system utilises ‘Ball Locks’ & provides constant tension regardless of the different widths of packages being rewound. No adjustment of the rewind shafts is required, minimising ‘downtime’ and increasing productivity.